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Shortly before my wife and I semi-retired in July 2016, from a life-long career in the architectural design-build real estate construction contracting business, we made a miraculous discovery, on the internet. It did not happen by accident, as we were actively looking for a career alternative.

However, after a lifetime of back-breaking construction work, we were looking for something far less strenuous, to subsidize our income and take us into our sunset years. We wanted a modified career where we could either work from our Offices in Olds, Alberta, Canada during the summer season, or work in the winter-time from our Offices in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Or alternatively, where we could WORK FROM HOME in either location.

We sought something ONLINE, so we could utilize our 45+ years of acquired business skills, and additionally, because that seems to be the direction many things now-a-days are headed anyway. Also, we needed something that afforded us "time-freedom." Freedom to enjoy recreational time with each other, and also, with our children and grandchildren. Time for doing the things we loved and deserved to do, in our senior years.

After spending close to a year searching and turning down many options for one reason or another... Boy, oh boy, did we ever, "find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!" That's WHY, I call it MY MIRACULOUS DISCOVERY!!! Because for Maria and me anyway, it was nothing short of miraculous!

In fact, we're so pleased with our online marketing business discovery, that we feel it is our responsibility, and obligation, to pay our good fortune forward. In other words, we want to help and mentor other SERIOUS, ordinary, hard-working folks, to enjoy the same benefits and successes, as Maria and I do.

Hence, I made this little video, to give you an opportunity for a COMPLIMENTARY look at our online info Webinar-Workshop. It's offered, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, at 6:00 PM Mountain time.

Come watch from your own computer or smart phone. Then afterwards, IF you don't think it is your cup of tea, simply move on, with not a thing risked, or lost.

But, on the other hand, if you decide it might also be a good fit for you too... simply opt-in, by paying the tiny one-time-only fee and get started immediately! You can join our energetic, growing, global team of associates, right then and there.

I should mention, that when we discovered this self-employment business opportunity in 2017, there were only about 500 members, and it was just getting started. Today (July 1st, 2020) our amazing online digital marketing group, is now over 50,000 members strong, from all over the world.

That oughta tell ya something, right? FOR SURE it works!!!

It's a legitimate, proven, automated, franchise-like self-employment business platform. It's available to you, your family, your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, your associates, or to anyone serious, for well under fifteen grand folks. The whole shebang, lock, stock and barrel! Plus, if you need it, reasonable financing is available o a c., in several countries.

And, it is a one-time-purchase, with NO MONTHLY OR REPEAT FEES.

In my own case, after test driving this new-found self-employment opening for only about 2 months, I realized that I could no longer afford not to leverage the internet... doing this new-era business, full time! Especially so, upon seeing the income I was making, and how little effort it took to make it. If you could see my bank account, you’d quickly realize that I make a far better living now, than I ever did before, working 80 to 100 hours a week. This digital, online, internet marketing business was so incredibly astonishing, that in August of 2019, I was forced into construction-world retirement… for good!

Now, we realize that the online world is not for everybody. It's not everyone's cup of tea! We know that folks. But, for those who it is for... expect life to get significantly better! And, in short order. You should come check it out! You have nothing but about an hour of your time at risk. That's it! NOT A THING TO LOSE!

Conversely, you have the possibility of everything, to gain. Plus, people of every age group and experience level, can and are, mastering it. Simply because, all the training is supplied in easy-too-understand, simple, step-by-step video format. So, you earn, while you learn!

If you'd like to get more info, visit our website,

Or, if you prefer, you can skip the "more info" part and go straight to getting enrolled right away, for the NEXT 100% COMPLIMENTARY, NO OBLIGATION, introductory into Webinar-Workshop class, at

Either way, you should USE A UNIQUE email address FOR THIS BUSINESS ONLY! That way, you don't end up getting mixed into the shuffle and accidentally overlooked. Maria and I will keep an eye open for you on the inside! We'd be honored to have you!
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